Training courses


You can earn the NAUI Open Water Diver certification, the most widely and the most respectful scuba qualification agency worldwide

NAUI Advanced Open Water

NAUI Advanced Open Water course will give you the necessary information to increase your knowledge, skills and experience

NAUI Rescue Diver

A NAUI Rescue Diver Course will put you under the pressure to test your ability to deal with different situations and to solve the problems

NAUI 1st Aid

A NAUI 1st Aid Course is a highly recommended to participate in the early training stages and a Prerequisite for anyone wishing to continue his education

NUAI Enriched Air Nitrox

By using Enriched Air Nitrox in your dive, your diving activities will be more safely and even longer (subject to a certain limits and conditions, of course)

NAUI Underwater Photography Diver

This course will enable you to get out the most unique underwater pictures. With NAUI Underwater Photography Specialty Course

NAUI Deep Dive Specialty Course

In NAUI Deep Dive Specialty Course you will learn the special equipments how to plan and run deep dives safely, avoiding nitrogen narcosis, and preventing decompression sickness and handling potential problems

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